Digital Forensic Course


With the ever-increasing incidents of hacking throughout the world, the need of cyber forensics professional has augmented exponentially. Digital forensics also known as cyber forensics or computer forensics is one of the largest growing professions of the 21st century. It is a process of collection, safeguarding, analysis, identification and presentation of digital evidence that can be used in investigation of technology related crime for legal process.

Our digital forensics training is a hands-on course where you will learn forensics concepts with real life scenarios and practice. The course involves the analysis of digital devices, such as network infrastructure. The motive is to identify and investigate incidents for helping the organizations to dig out the evidence for legal cases and use these skills to protect users from malicious attacks.

Traditional digital forensics courses focus on how to use tools for forensics and not really on the fundamental concepts via real time scenarios. Our digital forensics training classes goes beyond typical courses in aspects of learning forensics by handling real time scenarios and evidences. The focus is on in-depth knowledge and manual forensics so that you can be an independent digital forensic expert.

We cover following modules of digital forensic in our training :

Introduction to Forensics
File Systems
Data Storage
Data Types
Forensics Tools
Evidence from crime scene
Windows Forensics
Digital Data obfuscation
Forensics Law
Cyber Forensics Investigation
Investigation Methodology
Cyber Surveillance
Analyzing Malicious Software
Network Forensics
E-Mail Forensics
Social Networking Forensics
RAM Forensics
File Signature and Hash Analysis
Advance Windows Forensics
Advance Fred & EnCase 
File system analysis

Target audience of the course

• People who would like to enter in Cyber forensics services workspace.
• Professionals who would like to learn latest forensics solutions.
• Professionals who would like to help organizations to resolve & tackle hacking incidents.
• Professionals or organizations who have been a victim of digital crime.
• Security professionals who would like to take their skills to next level.
• Technologies companies looking to have in-house digital forensics expertise.

IIcybersecurity is helping authorities in US, India, Mexico and other countries to solve the technology related crime. The course covers digital forensic techniques, security concepts and legal issues involving computer forensics.

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