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An exploit is a program used for abusing security vulnerabilities. The exploit code makes a device, software or application start to behave abnormally. Exploit development is the procedure of creating these programs and testing them on hardware & software, a process known as vulnerability weaponizing. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) use exploits to test the compatibility of hardware devices and software applications with different platforms; with the help of exploits and exception handler you can make hardware and software developments more stable and secure.

Most ethical hackers underestimate the importance of exploits and how big this market has become. Development of a reliable exploit needs extensive effort and time. Professionals greatly underestimate the amount of effort and time that goes in to the creation of stable & reliable exploits. The programming, deployment, and use of exploits are important components of cyber security and cyber warfare industry, as vulnerability-weaponizing specialists sell exploits to government bodies, software vendors and even malicious actors. Defense industry, for example, is a mayor exploit market player, as recruitment of exploit developers has constantly growth; Defense organizations require assembling big research teams for cyber weapons creation, thus an exploit development course could easily land you up in a Defense research team.

During penetration testing, you will normally perform vulnerability assessment to identify vulnerabilities, followed by a more detailed process to validate if these security flaws are exploitable and how to exploit them. Any discovered vulnerability might have publicly available exploits; however in most of the cases you won’t be able to get working exploits. This is where your meaningless cyber security certification becomes useless, which can be frustrating as a cyber security expert. On the other hand, if you have exploit development knowledge you will be able to modify existing exploits or develop a brand new one. It is worth noting that exploit development is not usually an easy process, nevertheless, our exploit development course can really save you from frustration.

Exploit Development Methodology

Our exploit development course covers how to create exploits to take advantage of known and zero-day vulnerabilities. This training covers exploiting vulnerabilities in protocols, operating systems, mobile phones, computers and software, besides covering different OS platforms from Linux to Windows and from iOS to Android exploitation. With the skills acquired during the course you will be able to perform advanced penetration testing, as well as how to crash, take control or penetrate any network or database.

This exploit development course also covers how to develop a patch for an existing exploit. Let’s think about the following scenario. You’re a lead developer in any software company and you have found an exploit for your company’s software available on deep web. Companies usually hire external cyber security experts to develop a patch for these exploits; however, with the help of our exploit writing course your company won’t need to hire any third-party help.

The course focuses on how to fix vulnerabilities and how to develop patches to prevent different types of attacks. The exploit developments skills can also be used to develop exploit signature, through which they can be easily detected by antivirus tools or intrusion detection systems. The main intention of this exploit development course is to help you understand how vulnerabilities could be exploited and how to develop a security patch.

Vulnerabilities can be exploited in different ways, so it is important to consult the exploit database to list various exploits that could affect the same vulnerability. Is it also possible that a vulnerability can’t be exploited? Normally an ethical hacker can use fuzzing to find out vulnerabilities and to determine which ones can be really exploited, but this is a time consuming task. Our course will teach you methods for easily discover vulnerabilities and determining if they could be actually exploited. The exploit development course will provide you with these skills that will help you in all advance penetration-testing projects.

Our exploit development course is also designed to provide you the required skills to develop zero-day exploits. The training starts from the basics of assembly language, shellcoding, C language and exploit writing over patched and unpatched systems. It also focuses on various antivirus evasion techniques that can be used during the exploit development process. With these anti-exploit skills you can modify an existing exploit and easily bypass an antivirus or firewall.

Our exploit development course will make you stand out of the crowd of security professionals with other meaningless certifications. With all those meaningless certifications you won’t be able develop your own exploit for a penetration testing project but with our exploit development course you will be able to for any advance cyber security project. With our exploit development course, plenty of enterprises will be happy to pay you a lot of extra money, if you can develop or have a known working vulnerability exploit.

Course Topics

The exploit writing course covers the following modules of exploit development:
  • 12Understanding & writing assembly code routines
  • Understanding & writing C/C++ programs
  • Computer architecture
  • IA-32/64 family
  • Compilers, assemblers and linkers
  • CPU modes and memory addressing
  • IA-32 assembly language
  • Understanding OS kernels
  • Modern kernel protections
  • Analyzing kernel vulnerabilities
  • Windows kernel exploits
  • Linux kernel exploits
  • Mac OS kernel exploits
  • Android kernel & iOS kernel exploits
  • Threat modeling
  • Software reverse engineering (SRE) Ghidra
  • Disassembling and debugging IDA
  • Exploit writing programming's
  • Assembly and shell code
  • Stack and dynamic memory management and allocation
  • Stack based buffer overflow
  • Heap management, heap navigation, constructs in Linux, Windows & Mac OS environment
  • Heap based overflow
  • Heap spraying
  • Macros exploits development
  • Function pointer exploits programming
  • Format strings exploits development
  • Windows shell code
  • Shell coding on Linux
  • Encoders, decoders and crypters on Linux
  • Developing browser-based exploits
  • Developing client-side exploits
  • Polymorphism
  • Exploiting GS canary protected programs
  • Exploiting safeSEH protected programs
  • Bypassing DEP & ASLR
  • Advanced shellcoding (win32 egghunting, connect-back, staged, alphanumeric)
  • Encoders & writing custom encoders
  • Client side exploits
  • From vulnerability to exploit
  • Metasploit framework
  • Binary payloads - antivirus
  • Defeating stack & heap protection
  • Defeating os exploit mitigation controls
  • Defeating antivirus & firewalls exploit mitigation controls
  • Marketplace for exploits
  • Buy & sell exploits

Target audience of the exploit writing training

  • People with cybersecurity knowledge and understanding.
  • Everyone with an ethical hacking and/or cyber forensics certification.
  • Cybersecurity professionals willing to enter in an exploit development ecosystem workspace and vulnerability weaponizing.
  • IT professionals who want to achieve a career in exploit writing field.
  • IT administrators who want to secure their network against zero–day vulnerabilities and ways to exploit them.
  • Professionals who would like to learn about security evasion techniques used by exploit developers.
  • Traditional ethical hackers & cyber forensics experts willing to take their skills to the next level.
  • IT professionals who want to work in defense industry and state-sponsored attacks protection.
  • Companies looking to have in-house exploit development expertise.
  • Defense contractors who would like to expertise in the field of cyber weapons.

With our exploit development training courses in India, US, Mexico and other countries, iicybersecurity is helping its clients with the best exploit writing & development services. We work closely with our partners to provide exploit development training in Delhi, India, Dubai and other locations. We have a partner program that recognizes the effort and investment of strategic allies, offering online courses, classroom courses, services and solutions to achieve sustainable and mutually beneficial business. Our partners program is available in Australia, UK, Dubai, Sri-Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

Duration, Modality & Prices

The duration of the exploit development course depends on the personalization of topics and projects assigned to the participants. The exploit development course is available as classroom and online with live classes. We have weekdays and weekends groups. To take the course, participants must have basic knowledge of cyber security.

$6000 USD*



05 NOVEMBER 2024

* Equivalent amount in your local currency plus taxes.

$5000 USD*



06 NOVEMBER 2024

* Equivalent amount in your local currency plus taxes.

Benefits of exploit writing course

  • Perform an end-to-end exploit development to understand how vulnerabilities can be exploited and how signatures for detecting exploits can be created.
  • If you want a career on any exploit ecosystem and cyber weapons development, our basic to advance exploit development course is an ideal starting point.
  • With the exploit writing course, you will get in-depth knowledge, besides specialist skills in understanding the techniques that exploit developers use to make it difficult for antivirus and firewall solutions to detect the exploits.
  • Develop practical know-how by employing the latest industry techniques & exploit development tools.
  • The exploit development training teaches the basics of assembly, C programming and different aspects to focus on and aspects to ignore during vulnerability weaponizing process.
  • This course is completely focused on real-life examples and business case studies, both with the most common causes and the effects these examples might have.
  • The training will teach you the fastest and comprehensive ways for vulnerability weaponizing and exploit developing.
  • The exploit development training is personalized according to each company’s needs and focuses on deliverables so that you can provide all the answers that your management wants to hear.
  • Our basic to advance vulnerability exploitation training is personalized as per participant’s knowledge and experience.
  • Our training methodology is unique, as it covers basics & advanced concepts of exploit development related to the latest technologies available in the market.
  • The course also focuses on new emerging cyber crime techniques available in deep web.
  • Exploit development course will provide your company the best solutions to fight cyber crime.
  • The training will help you in lowering your technology-related costs due to both the lower frequency of cyber attacks and data loss incidents.
  • You will be able to lower your costs associated with cyber crime insurance with the help of exploit development training program for your IT team.
  • IT departments along with other areas of your organization will be able to save time with help of training program, as a lot of time, is wasted post cyber crime incidents in both resolution and recovery of data.
  • Market edge over your competition, as your clients will trust your team more than that of your competition as you will have experts who have exploit development training certification.
  • In the case your business faces a cyber threat you will have exploit programmers who could easily create signatures to stop the threat.
  • Practice for a gratifying future in fields such as cyberweapons research, intelligence gathering, cyber security and incident management.
  • Develop analytical and investigative skills, which are unquestionably important in any cyber forensics scenario.


What our happy clients have to say
  • Helena Gruber
    Network Systems Administrator, BNP Paribas

    The truth is that the malware reverse engineering & cyber security training was very intensive and practical compared to others who only put videos and slides, IICS professors do exercises in real time to practice the whole theory, I recommend the information security course very much.

  • Patrik Schuster
    Network Engineer, Assicurazioni Generali

    In my experience, the more practical background you have, the more job opportunities will come to you; IICS information security & cyber security course is one of the best ways to make sure you will learn about real issues with the best academic background you can imagine.

  • Ruslan Baumgartner
    Network Systems Administrator, Société Générale

    IICYBERSECURITY’s ethical hacking & cyber security course helped me find a better job, and I’m sure that, with all my professional experience, it wouldn’t be difficult to find an even better job opportunity in any industry I can imagine.

  • Denis Schmidt
    Senior Network System Administrator, ArcelorMittal

    As a part of a big corporation, we are always exposed to critical cyber attacks. The cyber security training & services with the International Institute of Cyber Security professionals helped us to find several ways to be protected against any cyber attack attempt.

  • Tanya Weber
    Cyber Forensics Consultant, ThyssenKrupp

    Digital forensics & cyber security course at IICS helped me to contain several cyber attack incidents in my company. In fact, I got a raise after implementing a cyber risk management protocol and new cyber security policies.

  • Victoria Fischer
    Security Specialist, Airbus SE

    As an ethical hacker I’m always looking for the best way to keep up my skills and knowledge and ethical hacking - cyber security course with the IICS professionals granted me all I was looking for to be the best white hat hacker I could.

  • Julia Hofer
    IT Manager, Saint-Gobain

    Several companies still lack of proper cyber security policies and practices; enterprise data protection & cyber security training at International Institute of Cyber Security helped me to implement better information security practices in my company.

  • Anil Sharma
    Cyber Security Specialist, Zurich Insurance Group

    Specialization is nearly mandatory for information security professionals; IICYBERSECURITY’s cyber security courses are the best option available to become an expert in a specific cyber security area, no matter the specialization subject.

  • Kapil Mehta
    Network Engineer, AstraZeneca

    Small and medium sized companies are becoming aware on the importance of working with skilled cyber security professionals and getting the information security – cyber security course from IICS has helped me to manage my clients.

  • Sandra Egger
    Senior Network Architect, BAE Systems

    Cyber Security training at International Institute of Cyber Security has helped me to get an over the average job. Yes, I’m talking about my earnings, but I’m also talking about my professional development as an information security specialist.

  • Barbara Reiter
    Network and Computer Systems Administrator, Air France-KLM

    Their information security, cyber security course professionals have the best teaching methods in cyber security training. Their real life experiences are truly remarkable and they have always a way to solve any cyber security issue.

  • John Schwarz
    IT Coordinator, Air France-KLM

    Malicious hackers are always developing new attack vectors. Thanks to the information security & cyber security courses at International Institute of Cyber Security we can make sure our organization won’t be a data breach victim.

  • Richard Winkler
    Ethical Hacker, Schneider Electric

    Vulnerability bounty programs are the main earning sources for ethical hackers. IICS cyber security training program provide me with the most useful experiences, tools and knowledge to make sure my ethical hackers company always get a bounty.

  • Sebastian Steiner
    elecommunications Specialist, Philips

    Data protection legislation compliance is becoming more and more complex. Data protection & cyber security course training with the IICS professionals has helped our organization to comply with the most strict data protection laws. <

  • Lukas Eder
    Senior Security Specialist, Lufthansa

    Police organizations usually rely on cyber security professionals to solve criminal cases; IICS digital forensics & cyber security training has helped me to get multiple opportunities to collaborate with law enforcement agencies.

  • Michal Dubois
    Technical Operations Officer, Sberbank

    I think about ethical hacking as a personal duty; working against malicious hackers activities is just the way I live, and cyber security training at International Institute of Cyber Security brought me the best resources to fight cybercrime.

  • Roman Martin
    Application Support Analyst, Aeroflot

    Even though I have no computer science related academic background, my professional experience allowed me to be a part of one of the information security – cyber security trainings at IICYBERSECURITY, which has helped me to keep a lucrative job.

  • Vladimir Simon
    Technical Operations Officer, United Shipbuilding Corporation

    Cyber security course at International Institute of Cyber Security provided me with tools and knowledge that my college never taught, increasing my possibilities to find a well-paid job in the cyber security professional area.

  • Ivan Horvat
    Data Center Support Specialist, Credit Bank of Moscow<

    Ethical hacking is one of the most interesting cyber security approaches nowadays; with the information security courses at IICS I learned to work as a part of the white hat hacking community solving complex information security issues.

  • George Nielsen
    IT Systems Administrator, British American Tobacco

    As an enterprise, cyber security has become a risky activity; with the enterprise cyber security course at IICS, our organization’s IT staff was able to improve and update our cyber security practices and policies.

  • Abdul Khaliq
    Ethical Hacker, Accenture

    In my job life I have to keep up with the most recent information security tendencies and advance online cyber security training at IICS provided me the necessary skills, theory knowledge and practical job tools to be a competitive professional.

  • Ahmed Tijani
    Network Architect, PricewaterhouseCoopers

    In my personal experience, the information security – cyber security course at IICYBERSECURITY fulfilled all my expectations. Cyber security teachers are really competitive professionals and have tons of practical examples. <

  • Nakul Kumar
    Network Administrator, Infosys Pvt Ltd

    Experts at International Institute of Cyber Security are reliable cyber security course trainers; the cyber security training was really intensive, clear and full of real life scenarios examples. I totally recommend these courses.

  • John Rack
    IT Systems Administrator, Open Networks Solutions

    Our company took their corporate cyber security trainings for our complete IT team and now we have in house cyber security experts securing our assets. Will recommend cyber security services of International Institute of Cyber Security.

  • Edward Smith
    Data Center Lead, TechMind

    We’ve been with International Institute of Cyber Security for over 4 years now, and they help keep our business going efficiently. By conserving our old network, they keep our server infrastructure secure with the help you advance cyber security solutions & services for legacy systems.

  • Ushi Wu
    IT Systems Administrator, Baidu

    In 2018, my company contracted IICS’s cyber security services (cyber security audit) & cyber security courses for my team . The information security services were very well delivered in a timely and professional manner. Also their prices are very well established in comparison to the market competition.

  • Chun Wang
    IT Manager, Air China

    We acquired their cyber security services like penetration testing, and the I will like to mentioned that the cyber security services are very nice as they helped us in finding all the vulnerabilities in our application but all helped us in fixing the vulnerabilities.

  • Ann Johnson
    Cloud Architect, IBM

    The cloud security & cyber security training was a great opportunity for me to become aware of the technologies that hackers are currently using to penetrate networks and now I am much more prepared to read and review server logs to look for patterns of attacks.

  • Den Lehner
    Network Architect, KBC Bank

    We had a cyber security provider and small SOC team, however during the evaluation module of information security training we able to attack our company and penetrate inside our network with the help of professor. This module really helped in finding our weak points and fixing them.

  • Adam Ebner
    Purchase Head, Nordea

    The War-Room module during the information security training is very detailed and intense and helped me practice all the course concepts during the training and gave enough knowledge to set a cyber security plan for my company.

  • Michel Heilig
    Account Manager, Gas Natural

    We acquired their cyber security services like penetration testing, and the I will like to mentioned that the cyber security services are very nice as they helped us in finding all the vulnerabilities in our application but all helped us in fixing the vulnerabilities.

  • Zhengqiu Zeng
    Network Architect, China Merchants Bank

    When IICS becomes aware of any attack, they start the remediation process immediately regardless of the time of day. We could not scale, much less run our company properly without 24/7 information security monitoring – but now we don’t have to worry about that with their information security expertise.

  • Raphael Stoev
    Director of Operations, Rabobank Group

    Information security monitoring is a key service for any business that needs their servers online 24/7. Having servers down means financial loss and the potential loss of a client and along with negative marketing. With the help of IICS team we don't have to worry about these as their team is available 24/7 each day of the year.

  • Xiaoping Lee
    IT Project Manager, CITIC Group

    Information security monitoring services provides by International Institute of Cyber Security helps us keep a step ahead of hackers in preventing future issues and fixing problems before they arise. Thus helping us reducing chances of information security attacks, data loss or a disaster.

  • Augustin Tasev
    Application Manager, Credit Suisse

    Information security is a huge worry for us in our corporate and International Institute of Cyber Security gives us the comfort level against any cyber security attack. With their information security services we are able to do our jobs more efficient and simplified; plus, our overall operating costs and certainly any downtime is less.

  • Antoine Petrov
    Service Delivery Manager, LyondellBasell

    IICYBERSECURITY’s cyber security solutions like BCS was a low cost investment for our company and helped us ensure our business continuity with easy software set up to cyber security monitoring of the network and hosts. It not only helped us in increasing our employee productivity but also helped us in securing our data.

  • Todor Dimitrov
    Project Manager, Maersk

    Their information security & cyber security services along with the advance cyber security solutions BCS Prime helped us a lot in managing patch updates for desktop and mobile applications. Thus provided us with ability to find problems before they either become failures or larger issues has proven irreplaceable. We will surely recommend their information security & cyber security services.

  • Angel Mayr
    Outsourcing Manager, Barclays

    Our employees didn't know that their personal information was at risk because they connected to the public networks of the malls, shops or the subway, with the information that IICS gave us during information security awareness course; they only connect in case of an emergency and not as leisure.

  • Georgi Koller
    Infrastructure Manager, Ericsson

    We took the information security & cyber security awareness course for all our employees. This course helped my team understand the risks that they have when they surf bank websites thus helped us a lot in reducing financial thefts incidents.

  • Peter Lechner
    Service Delivery Manager, RussNeft

    Their information security & cyber security awareness course helped me to improve cyber security panorama of my 400 employees. They are more cautions when surfing the Internet, Facebook, twitter, instagram, YouTube, etc and helped reducing data theft risk.

  • Aleksander Wouters
    Infrastructure Manager, Toyota Motor

    Thanks to the information security & cyber security course that it covered email security in detail, it helped our company employees to understand that they should not to open mails without first checking the sender, not to click on the images or documents that are attached and to report them to systems.

  • Valentin Simon
    Service Delivery Manager, EuroChem

    I got a chance to work in the information security project during the information security course. The project research was so intense that I had to work lot of hours during the week, but at the end it was all worth it as I gained valuable experience and information security experience certificate, which helped me getting a job here.

  • Zan Yong
    IT Director, Guangzhou Zhujiang Brewery Group

    IICYBERSECURITY’s information security & cyber security solutions like BCS was a low cost investment for our company and helped us ensure our business continuity with easy software set up to cyber security monitoring of the network and hosts. It not only helped us in increasing our employee productivity but also helped us in securing our data.

  • Stojan Lambert
    Outsourcing Manager, Novatek

    International Institute of Cyber Security professors kept the full attention of everyone in the room during the training, and the employee feedback was very positive. The real life examples of security breaches, their effects, and how they can be prevented, really helped us in understanding the concepts of the course. Thanks IICS, and we look forward to next information security & cyber security training.

  • Jordan Peeters
    IT Architect, Rostec

    IICS provided excellent information security & cyber security services & training for our employees. They were well equipped and knowledgeable on all aspects of information security. We liked the industry experienced that was shared with our team and that helped us in resolving challenges related to company wide information security policies.

  • Jaime Mejia
    Telecommunication Specialist, SKY México

    The cyber security course was very good and entertaining as the information was very well detailed and organized, in addition the instructor was an expert on each and every topic of the training, it was worth all the money. I will surely recommend their cyber security services.

  • Abu Hamza
    IT Security Manager, KPMG

    The ethical hacking and cyber security course was fascinating, the experience of the experts, they knew the subject, the programs and the tests that we carried out in the ear room sessions left me impressed.

  • Arturo Solis
    Cyber Forensics Investigator, National Police of Colombia

    The course taught me to apply several manual cyber forensic methodologies in a detailed l way, and I learned that I should not just rely completely on the results that some applications or commercial programs give, I was fascinated by the scenarios covered during cyber security course.

  • Pedro Macias
    Cyber Forensics Investigator, Federal Police of Brazil

    The course of Digital Forensics along with cyber security training helped me improve and learn new processes to find the information and / or evidence I need for the cases I investigate in my work as an expert.

  • Nastia Schneider
    loud Product and Project Manager, Gazprom

    The cloud security course & cyber security course was offered as a bundle and was very good because they adapted it to our cloud, servers and applications that we occupy in the company, they also taught us several methods to improve malware detection & cyber forensics.

  • Andreea Leitner
    Cloud Software and Network Engineer, Allianz

    What I liked about their cloud security & cyber security course is that after the face-to-face part they allowed me to gain experience in cyber security through multiple real –time projects that I was solving in my spare time.

  • Mike Smith
    Crime Scene Investigator, South Africa Intelligence

    Just thought I'd let you guys know that IICyberSecurity cyber security & cyber forensic training is wonderful. I was new to digital forensics, and after taking the courses I got a chance to work on their live digital forensic project. Now I am enjoying my passion.

  • Johny Dow
    Student, Manchester Business School, Certified ISO 27001 Lead Implementer

    After completing cyber security course from International Institute of Cyber Security, I have learnt a lot in Web Security area and it has added a value in my career and my confidence level has been very high. Thanks for their practical approach of teaching.


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