Exploit Programming Course


Exploit is a program designed to take advantage of vulnerabilities in an application or network infrastructure. Exploits work along with the payloads and programs designed to inject these payloads to exploit the application or network infrastructure in different forms. With the rise of security vulnerabilities, the need of professionals who understand the exploit development is increasing. An exploit programmer can really understand the ways in which a hacker can exploit the vulnerability, thus the same knowledge can be used to protect against exploits.

Our exploit programming course is focused on complete coverage of exploitation of vulnerabilities. This course will not only teach you exploit programming but will also present different forms of code exploitation and how you can use this knowledge for data security. The course participants learn various types and procedures of exploitation, creation of exploits, understanding of defense mechanism with real time scenarios and hands-on. The exploit programming course provides in depth insights into malware reverse engineering and understanding of how to exploit vulnerabilities. With focus on reverse engineering of malware, virus, trojans and anti-virus programming.

We cover following modules in exploit programming course :

Computer Architecture
IA-32/64 Family
Compilers, Assemblers and Linkers
CPU Modes and Memory Addressing
IA-32 Assembly Language
Exploit Writing Programming's 
Assembly and shell code 
Stack Based Buffer Overflow 
Heap Based Overflow 
Format Strings Exploits
Windows Shell code 
Shell coding on Linux
Encoders, Decoders and Crypters on Linux
Exploiting /GS Canary Protected Programs 
Exploiting SafeSEH Protected Programs 
Bypassing DEP & ASLR 
Advanced Shellcoding (Win32 Egghunting, Connect-back, Staged, Alphanumeric) 
Encoders & Writing Custom Encoders 
Client Side Exploits 
From Vulnerability to Exploit 
Metasploit Framework 
Binary payloads - Antivirus

Malware Reverse Engineering Course


Malware analysis and malware reverse engineering is the most required industry skill as attacks can cost a company dearly. When a malware attacks happens and malware breaches the organization infrastructure, a malware reverse engineer can act quickly to cure infections by eliminating the malware completely and save the organization from any kind of financial or data loss.

This training provides a detail understanding of the tools and methodologies used to perform malware analysis using a practical, hands-on approach. You learn how to understand the functionality of a malware by analyzing disassembly and by watching how it modifies a system and its resources. During the classes you learn how to extract indicators, parameters from a malware and how somebody can personalize a malware using dynamic analysis techniques.

We cover following modules in malware reverse engineering course :

Introduction Malwares
Malwares- Virus
Antivirus Static Techniques
Antivirus Dynamic Techniques
Malware Analysis Methodologies
Malware Analysis Techniques
Advance Static/Dynamic Techniques
x86 Disassembly
Windows Malware Analysis
Malware Behavior
Data Encoding
Malware obfuscation
Writing Network Signature
Packers and Unpacking
Shellcode Analysis
C++ analysis
64-Bit Malware
Malware Analysis Tool

Target audience of the course

• Professionals who would like to work in malware & exploit workspace.
• People looking for research level knowledge in malware reverse engineering and exploit development.
• Professionals who are interested in latest malware & exploit development techniques.
• Professionals who want to do implementation of malware countermeasures in their organizations.
• People who are looking for working in antivirus development
• Digital Forensics professionals who would like to take their skills to next level.
• Security companies looking to have in-house malware expertise.

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