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We all understand importance of cloud computing in our lives from icloud for personal use, to amazon cloud for business purposes. Despite being so useful, the cloud computing security is still an open-ended matter. The security crisis has increased more under cloud, as our confidential information is stored in the cloud.

The cloud companies provide Infrastructure as Service (IaaS), Platform as Service (PaaS), and Software as Service (SaaS). In Saas, companies are responsible for cloud security services and privacy of the applications. In PaaS, users are responsible for the applications; while cloud companies are liable for protecting one’s client’s application from others. In IaaS, users are responsible for defending operating systems and applications, however companies must provide protection for client’s information and shared resources.

As per the industry standards, encryption techniques and security protocols are not adequate to secure the data transmission in cloud. What can really help an organization to obtain secure cloud is a professional with expert level knowledge in the area of cloud computing security.

With our cloud security training one can gain expert level knowledge in the cloud computing security domain. The focus of our cloud security course is to enable users to take the power in their hands and ensure that their cloud provider is providing secure architecture for information, hardware and applications. The training aims at methodologies like Defense-in-depth to achieve secure cloud and ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. Objective of course is to teach creation of secure cloud and security implementation in SaaS, PaaS, IaaS. With our practical and real time methodology you will learn to implement the concepts in real time. The cloud security course provides training for public, private & hybrid cloud computing security.

The cloud security training covers different technical topics from generic multi-cloud governance models, cloud computing security policies for defining cyber security controls within cloud computing environment. During the cloud security training you learn how to implement cloud security with the major cloud service providers such as Google, AWS and Microsoft Azure. Based on the cloud security controls available in these platforms we have developed different cloud security frameworks for evaluating the security of a cloud infrastructure. Depending on enterprise requirements, the cloud security course can be tailored towards existing enterprise security policies and cloud infrastructure. The course will let you design & evaluate cloud security environment based on industry best practices. The cloud security training focuses on increasing the visibility within the cloud platforms security configurations to detect security incidents in real time, usage of software defined networking best practices within your infrastructure, security controls between untrusted and trusted components thus ensuring cloud computing security and data security.

The cloud security-monitoring framework is an important part of cloud security course as it allows to monitor and prevent intrusions in the cloud infrastructure. The course not only focuses on cloud computing security but also on cloud incident response in different types of cloud environments. Cloud incident response is a very challenging task and cloud security course can help to evaluate and align your incident response strategy by allowing you to automate cloud incident response. Our cloud security course trainers have extensive experience in cloud computing security in Google Cloud, Amazon AWS and Azure. The course methodology also focuses on industry wide security solutions available for each cloud platform, thus maximizing value for money.

The cloud security course will help you ensure that your company is applying the appropriate security controls with third parties by strengthening legal and risk requirements through cloud service contracts and SLA with cloud service providers. Our cloud security training has a proven methodology, designed by experienced auditors and reflects comprehensive cloud security practices.

The cloud security course covers following modules of cloud computing and cloud security:

Understanding Cloud Computing
Cloud computing service models
Software as a Service (SaaS) Security
Platform as a Service (PaaS) Security
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Security
Public/Private/Virtual Private/Hybri Cloud Attacks
Cloud Providers
AWS, Google, Azure Cloud Platforms Security
Cloud Security Alliance Standard
Cloud Provider Security Assessment
Security challenges in the cloud
Network and virtualization security
Application security for SaaS, PaaS, IaaS
Risk management
Cloud Security Risks
Cloud Threat Modeling
Compliance and legal considerations
SPI framework for Cloud Computing
Infrastructure Security (Host/Network/Application)
Data Security and Storage
Cloud Security Policy
Cloud Containers Security
Bastion Hosts implementation
Hypervisor Attacks
Instance and Image Security
IAM Architecture
Identity & Access control
Security Vulnerability in Cloud
Patch and Configuration Management
Privacy concerns
Security as a Cloud Service
Open Security Architecture
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning (DR/BCP) in the cloud
Cloud Vulnerability Assessment & Pen Testing
Intrusion Detection & Prevention
Cloud Security Implementation
Cloud Forensics 

Target audience of the course

• People who would like to enter in Cloud Computing workspace.
• IT admins who would like to implement cloud security in their companies.
• Professionals who would like to learn latest cloud computing security measures.
• People who would like to ensure that their cloud provider provides them a secure cloud.
• Cloud computing professionals who would like to take their skills to next level.
• Cloud Companies looking to have in-house cloud security implementation expertise.

With the cloud security training classes in India, US, Mexico, US and other countries, iicybersecurity is helping its clients with cloud data security and cloud data protection solutions. We work closely with our partners to provide cloud security services in Delhi, India, Dubai and other countries. We have a partner program that recognizes the effort and investment of strategic allies, offering online courses, classroom courses, services and solutions to achieve sustainable and mutually beneficial business. Our partners / partners program is available in Australia, UK, Dubai, Sri-lanka, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Nigeria, Kenya & South Africa.

Benefits - Cloud Security Course

• Cloud security training is completely focused on real-life examples and business case studies, both with the most common causes and the effects these examples might have.
• The course program is personalized as per company's policies, procedures, technology and perceived threats.
• After the course you will be able to demonstrate not only knowledge of the cloud computing security, but also the cyber security competence acquired through practical experience.
• The training program covers the security implementation, prevention and the responses to cyber attacks.
• Your team will able to easily understand and apply best cloud computing security practices. Thus ensuring the correct use of the company’s cloud computing infrastructure and services.
• The course training also focuses on new emerging threats and new hacking techniques available in deep web.
• Cloud security training course will provide your company the best value for money solution in the fight against cyber threats.
• The training will result in less exposure to cloud security related risks for your company.
• The training will help you in lowering your technology related costs due to both the lower frequency of cyber attacks and data loss incidents.
• You will be able to lower your costs associated with cloud security insurance premiums with the help of cloud security training program for your IT team.
• IT departments along with other departments will be able to save time with help of training program, as a lot of time, is wasted post cloud security incidents in both finding out how somebody attacked, as well as possibly having to redo do the affected work of different departments.
• Market edge over your competition, as your clients will trust your team more than that of your competition as you will have experts who have cloud security certification.

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