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The corporate information security awareness training programs are nowadays a fundamental element in ensuring the stability of an enterprise’s operations, so it is really worrying that many companies still do not provide such tools to their employees; in addition, even if a company has information security awareness training programs, they are not always updated or imparted in the proper way.

Specialists in the design of cyber security awareness course for employees comment that the lack of content updating is the main problem because, in most cases, enterprises resort to the use of material designed at least ten years ago, which hinders the implementation of an adequate information security awareness training programs.

Despite the efforts and resources invested in the most recent years, human-factor errors remain one of the leading causes of cyber security incidents in enterprises. This is why the information security awareness training programs have been designed to contemplate the end users/employees within a company, thinking about the necessary skills to mitigate the security risks generated by employees.

Importance of comprehensive information security awareness for employees

A comprehensive information security awareness program is the one that manages to modify the behavior of the human factor, adapting their manners to the circumstances, which demands less resources, capacity of planning and communication.

Cyber security awareness program specialists also emphasize that users with little cyber security knowledge, such as receptionists, finance team or marketing employees, don’t commit all the mistakes. There are few cases in which a database or access credentials to an online platform are exposed by employees with medium or advanced IT skills; code-level errors in computer systems must also be considered human error, mentions the specialist of information security awareness training programs.

And if an employees with technical expertise and professional experience also make this kind of mistake & its is a clear indication of the poor information security awareness training. A comprehensive cyber security awareness training program should aim to prevent these mistakes from hapening.

To understand a comprehensive cyber security awareness course, it is necessary to establish the difference between training and awareness. For the designers of information security awareness programs, awareness is to provide the human capital with the knowledge necessary to identify cyber security risks; on the other hand, the training will bring this knowledge into practice, and allows modifying the way people act when facing cyber security threats. Information security awareness program offered by International Institute of Cyber Security offers awareness, training & simulation and that’s why it’s called a complete Human Firewall solution.

To implement a comprehensive cyber security awareness program strategy it is worth asking a fundamental question: What do we aim to implement in an information security awareness training program? It is possible that, by not contemplating this from the outset, the enterprise is not clear about where it is directing its efforts, which will keep them away from the success of the cyber security awareness program. Lack of communication between the various areas of an enterprise will also hinder the proper implementation of a comprehensive information security awareness training solution.

Easing internal communication is essential, so it is recommended that the enterprise cyber security managers identify the people who have best assimilated the topics taught during the information security awareness training program to act as "information security awareness managers". The advantage of the implementation of a information security awareness training program with us is that, despite the shortcomings of the material previously developed, our specialists have a good starting point to design new information security awareness training program, adapting the program knowledge to the cyber security threats that enterprise faces, so they won't have to start from scratch.

In conclusion, the success of a comprehensive information security awareness training program depends in a large extent on the implementation strategy, and realistic objectives must be planned, but that are identifiable during and before the implementation. In addition, cyber security awareness needs to be addressed for all areas of the enterprise, posing security risks in a way that adapts to the activities carried out in each area. Remember that we not only work with cyber security awareness & solutions; attention to people is a crucial part of our information security awareness training program.

Our information security awareness training programs are really practical, as they have been designed for end users & employees who need to keep the information secure, but do not have academic training in information technology, cyber security or similar.

We cover following different modules in information security awareness & cyber Security awareness trainings:

Information Security
Physical Security
Logical Security
Social Engineering
Data Destruction
E-mail Security
Trojans & Backdoors
Malware - Virus - Ransomware
Wireless Security
Mobile Security - BYOD
Cloud Security
Online & Mobile banking
Social Networks Security - Privacy
Online Shopping
Travel Securely
Work from Home Securely
Cyber Security Incident Management
Simulation of Cyber Security Incidents
Phishing Simulation
Vishing Simulation
Infected Media Device Simulation
Ransomware Simulation
Social engineering Simulation  

Target audience of the course

• People who manage confidential information.
• Big and small enterprises that manage confidential information of business, personal & clients.
• People who would like to enter in cyber security workspace.<
• IT managers who would like to secure against all the latest cyber attacks and secure their networks.
• Managers who would like to create a cyber security awareness course program in their company.
• Enterprises that want to develop in-house cyber security awareness and cyber security risk evaluation program.
• Enterprises that have a cyber security awareness program and want to update their program. • Enterprise’s top management employees till employees working directly with the customer.

With the cyber security awareness program - human firewall solution in India, US, Mexico and other countries, iicybersecurity is helping its clients with information security awareness solutions. We work closely with our partners to provide information security awareness training program in Delhi, India, Dubai and other countries. We have a partner program that recognizes the effort and investment of strategic allies, offering online courses, classroom courses, services and solutions to achieve sustainable and mutually beneficial business. Our partners / partners program is available in Australia, UK, Dubai, Sri-lanka, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Nigeria, Kenya & South Africa.

Benefits - Information security Awareness Training

• Information security awareness course for employees is completely focused on real-life examples and business case studies, both with the most common causes and the effects these examples might have.
• The enterprise information security awareness training workshop is personalized as per enterprise's policies, procedures, technology and cyber security threats.
• The program starts from basics of cyber security and is personalized for each department to cover each cyber security awareness topics for employees working in a particular department.
• Human firewall - Information security awareness training makes sure that the concept of cyber security is instilled among employees. After going through the program employees feel that enterprise cyber security is also their responsibility.
• IT security awareness make sure that cyber security belongs to everyone, from the executive staff to the receptionist.
• Everyone owns a piece of the company’s cyber security solution and security culture at the end of cyber security awareness course.
• Information security awareness training focuses of rewarding recognizing employees for participating in the program and helping the IT team in preventing cyber attacks.
• If you have software development team, our cyber security awareness training has a lot in store for you as it goes beyond awareness. The training focuses on secure coding practices for your software development team.
• The cyber security awareness solutions is also called as human firewall and covers the definition, importance, risks, mitigation & response of each information security awareness threat.
• The human firewall - cyber security awareness training program‘s methodology is very unique as it covers basics, advance concepts and security aspects of the latest technologies available in the market.
• The human firewall solution also focuses on new emerging threats and new hacking techniques used by the hackers to attack enterprises.
• Information security awareness training – Human firewall solution provides your enterprise the best value for money solution in the fight against cyber threats.
• With the help of cyber security awareness you enterprise will have less exposure to cyber security related risks.
• The IT security awareness training solutions will help you in lowering your enterprise cyber attack related losses as the frequency of cyber attacks will reduce.
• Any company can lower its costs associated with cyber security insurance premiums with the help of the information security awareness training – Human firewall solution.
• The Human firewall program helps enterprises to simulate cyber attacks, which will in turn make sure that employees are following the cyber security policies.
• Enterprise can gain market edge over the competition, as customers trust enterprise with cyber security awareness training program.

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