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Mobile technology has grown exponentially and has observed a massive rise in the mobile consumers over the last few years. Mobile phones process a spectrum of confidential information ranging from personal photos, financial, health information along with business confidential information. This confidential information can be easy traget mobile hacking threat actors.

These days, smartphones are used by everybody, and companies allow employees to use their personal smartphones for business purposes. The increasing popularity of mobile devices has had a measurable impact on enterprise mobile security policies. To adapt the raising demand of mobile security, many companies have adopted BYOD policies.

Enterprise mobile application security is very crucial to preserve and improve your company's reputation. Client is the king and it is important to ensure that his data is secured properly in your app against mobile hacking threats. In the case of mobile hacking incident your client’s confidential data can be stolen or manipulated, and a backdoor can be installed in the app. Ultimately without any enterprise mobile security measures you may end up wasting all your efforts and end up damaging company's reputation.

But the real important question is, how do we prepare o protect against mobile hacking threats & secure these emerging technologies?

In this age of mobile technology, it's really important to effectively mitigate enterprise mobile security risks to protect company and personal information in a mobile environment. The need of companies to properly secure mobile devices and applications is big; however traditional enterprise mobile security solutions are not very effective and can cause user barriers and frustrations.

Preparation to fight against mobile hacking threats needs more than just having a capable infrastructure or a mobile security policy. When dealing with mobile technology, it’s hard to find a single enterprise mobile security solution; in fact, companies often train their IT staff with mobile security & mobile hacking courses, so that they can implement a comprehensive mobile security plan.

With confusing lines between secure and unsecure data, there is a great need to have enterprise mobile security to prevent against mobile hacking incidents. A comprehensive mobile hacking course must evaluate various threat actors that affect mobile devices and mobile application security. All the inherent vulnerabilities & attack vectors must be thoroughly covered during a mobile hacking course to ensure a secure state of mobile data. Our mobile hacking & mobile security course is aimed to teach you methodologies and techniques that can be used to effectively implement mobile security in your company.

Our mobile hacking course in Delhi, US and other places around the world, helps you achieve the correct balance between innovation and control. With this knowledge you can effectively manage the enterprise mobile security risks. This course provides the capabilities to protect against attacks and verify compliance with corporate risk and privacy policies. The training also focuses on mobile application security solution combined with the remediation capabilities that enable you to secure the mobile applications and devices. Moreover, the mobile hacking course focuses not only on the mobile applications, but also on the server-side infrastructure with which the communication is done. After taking the mobile hacking course you will be able to evaluate mobile application security against OWASP Mobile top 10 & other advance mobile application security testing methodologies developed by industry experts. During the mobile application security module you will evaluate vulnerabilities, back-end services, encryption standards, secure data transfer, bluetooth security, source code review, etc. We make sure that you gain expertise and experience in mobile application security testing for both Android and iOS platform. With the help of these capabilities you can manage BYOD (Bring-Your-Own Device) policy without sacrificing security in the process. We use a technology and process driven approach braced by an innovative methodology to identify the mobile hacking risks and implement mobile security in enterprise workspace.

We cover following modules of mobile hacking and mobile security:

Introduction Mobile Security & Mobile Hacking
How to Hack Mobile Phones, Tablets, and Applications 
Case Study Mobile Hacking & Security
Jail-breaking & Rooting Concepts/Issues
Android Security framework
iOS Security framework
Blackberry Security framework
Wearable OS Security framework
Mobile Hacking App
Mobile Spying Apps
Mobile Data Storage
Mobile File System Architecture
Permission Management Attacks
Code Signing Attacks
Authentication Controls
Storage Encryption
Unlocked Bootloaders
Data Encryption Vulnerabilities
Data Exfiltration
Expliot Antivirus for Android
Exploit Antivirus for iOS
Mobile Application Security
Mobile Application Attacks
Whatsapp Hack
How to Hack Whatsapp with Mobile Number
Mobile threats
Mobile Security Issues
Connectivity Security
Bluetooth Security
Wireless Security Attacks
SMS Security
Mobile Geolocation
Whatsapp hacking tool
Mobile Malware
Mobile Ransomware
Phishing, Smishing,and Vishing
Operating System - Device Vulnerabilities
Mobile Sandbox
Mobile Forensics
Mobile Malware Reverse-engineering
Intercepting Cellular Network Traffic 2G/3G/4G
MDM - Mobile Device Management - BYOD
Mobile Penetration Testing
Mobile Application Security Testing
Mobile Application Vulnerability Assessment
Mobile Application Penetration Testing
Reverse Engineering of Applications
Mobile Vulnerabilities & Exploits
Mobile Security Risk Assessment
Mobile Security Solution
How to Secure Phone From Hackers
On-device - On-the-air data protection
Mobile Device Management
How to Secure Phone From Hackers

Target audience of the course

• People who would like to enter in mobile hacking & mobile security workspace.
• IT admins who would like to implement mobile security in their organizations.
• Professionals who would like to learn latest mobile hacking, security measures & how to protect phone from hackers
• People who would like to ensure that their enterpises's mobile applications are secure.
• Ethical hackers who would like to take their skills to next level.
• Technologies companies looking to have in-house mobile app security testing & mobile security expertise.

The goal of mobile hacking course is to educate corporate and individuals in how to hack mobile phones and mobile security. Thus providing smartphone security solutions, advance mobile surveillance solutions for iOS & Android and preventing hacking of phones. With the mobile hacking training in Delhi, US, Mexico and other countries, iicybersecurity is helping its clients with mobile security & mobile app security testing solutions. We work closely with our partners to provide mobile hacking - mobile security course in Delhi, India, Dubai and other countries. We have a partner program that recognizes the effort and investment of strategic allies, offering online courses, classroom courses, services and solutions to achieve sustainable and mutually beneficial business. Our partners / partners program is available in Australia, UK, Dubai, Sri-lanka, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Nigeria, Kenya & South Africa.

Benefits - Mobile Ethical Hacking Course

• The mobile hacking course training is personalized as per company's BYOD policies, technology, existing security solutions and perceived threats.
• Course training methodology is very unique as it covers covers basics, advance concepts of mobile hacking, mobile vulnerabilities, exploits & security.
• Course is completely focused on real-life examples and business case studies, both with the most common causes and the effects these examples might have.
• The course training program covers the security implementation, prevention and the responses to cyber attacks.
• Mobile hacking training focuses on new emerging threats, zero day vulnerabilities, mobile forensics and new hacking techniques.
• The mobile secuity training will allow you to easily implement BYOD polices throughout your company.
• The training will help you in lowering your technology related costs due to both the lower frequency of cyber attacks and data loss incidents.
• The mobile hacking course in Delhi, US and other places around the world will allow you to easily review if there is any illegal mobile surveillance done on management mobile devices.
• Basic to advance mobile hacking course is personalized as per participant’s knowledge & experience.
• You will be able to lower your costs associated with cyber security insurance premiums with the help of mobile security training program for your IT team.
• Mobile hacking training course will provide your company the best value for money solution in the fight against cyber threats.
• Market edge over your competition, as your clients will trust your team more than that of your competition as you will have experts who have mobile security training certification.
• And in the case the company faces cyber attacks you have ethical hackers to protect company against attacks.

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