Flight Communication - Navigation system hacks

In our last article over In-flight entertainment system we talked over In-flight entertainment system hacks & resets. And the ways somebody can reset or crash the system. In this article we will cover about flight navigation system and satellite communication equipment used onboard.We will also try to understand security of these devices with the help of ethical hacking course master Mike Stevens.
Most common satellite navigation and satellite communication equipment used onboard is COBHAM AVIATOR 700D Communication Solution.AVIATOR 700D is a feature rich SwiftBroadband and Classic Aero Service solution is the ultimate communications solution for the cabin and the cockpit. It allows access to the Inmarsat Aero H+ and SwiftBroadband services in one powerful, integrated system. Designed formultiple application flexibility for use in different kind of commercial and personal aircraft platforms. It allows satellite communication and smooth cockpit and cabin connectivity. As per comments from information security training expert, Anita Thomas, if somebody would hack flight communication system they would have to hack into system like COBHAM AVIATOR 700D.
The systems allows SwiftBroadband channel for simultaneous data and voice communication. Along with wired and wireless web browsing and corporate VPN access.It allows wireless use of smartphones for Internet services along with built-in router and Ethernet switch for multiple equipment support. And the same communication system provides built-in wireless access point option as per ethical hacking course master Mike Stevens. In-flight entertainment system are also connected to this communication system so that flight crew can communicate with user In-flight entertainment system for any delivery of messages or content.
Inmarsat’s satellite network provides bothvoice and broadband data communication along with onboard communication system. These satellite network are the world’s leading commercialmobile broadband satellite service. These satellites are placed in geostationary orbit 36,000 kilometersabove the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans, they facilitate a reliable global coverage.Combined with systems like AVIATOR 700D terminals this solution offers high qualityvoice and data connectivity of the airplane with satellite, earth station and In-flight entertainment system.Information security trainingexperts suggest that hackers look out of these kind of connected systems and can find vulnerability in communication system to hack the communication system.
As per our ethical hacking courseexpert, if somebody knows the vulnerability of firmware of communication system or by someway is able to access communication system via In-flight entertainment system or onboard wireless access point it can lead to communication control issues. In our next article we will discuss ore about these communication equipment and there vulnerabilities and discuss more about satellite communication security. Keep following us.
Information security training expert Anita Thomas says thatif normal people can crash or reset the system what can expert hacker do if the systems are connected. In our next article we will cover research done by other ethical hackers in the industry and discuss more about satellite channel security. Keep following us

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