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International institute of cyber security is working in field of cyber security for many years. Our foundation is cyber security and our vision is do research in computer security domain to help our users in today’s technology-driven business environment. We have worked with many governments and private organizations to provide information security solutions. Our services and solutions are flexible and responsive to the changing needs of business.

Our teams of experts are working in different domains of information security services. Each expert of iicybersecurity has industry level certifications and experience. Our teams are constantly evolving with our research program, training solutions and innovative security solutions. If you are new to this domain and not sure about where to study or how to learn or how to protect confidential personal information, we can surely help you and guide you.

We offer following information security services:

  • Personal data Security
    personal data security
    We offer personalized data security solutions for your personal security and safety concerns. With our solution you can protect personal information from hackers. Our solutions are designed to work with your physical level security at a strategic defensive level. Our personal security solutions are used by important people and high-ranking officers.
  • Infrastructure Security
    network security
    Our infrastructure security solution not just delivers detail level security analysis of your network infrastructure, however more focus is on mitigation plan of network security risks. With our security risk assessment solution you can categorize and evaluate the risks to IT systems and implement a risk mitigation strategy.
  • Web Application Security
    web application security
    We deliver in-depth web application penetration testing (WAPT) with patented methodology (IARR) to Identify, Analyze, Report & Resolve vulnerabilities. Our methodology is process-based approach developed over the years to identify potential security risks in the application and ensure database security. Our methodology is focused on manual webapp exploitation techniques which helps in vulnerability identification, exploitation and resolution strategy along with intensive source code auditing techniques.
  • Cloud Security
    cloud security
    With our cloud security solution we work with your cloud service provider for ensuring cloud data security. Our solution follows industry standards like NIST, OWASP, and Cloud Security Alliance. The solution is focused on policies, technologies and controls deployed to protect your data, applications and infrastructure in the cloud.
  • Business Data Security
    enterprise data security
    Protecting enterprise data from threats begins with securing enterprise network. Managing new security threats is a challenge, thus our experts keep up with the latest risks and provide flexible and manageable security solutions. With years of expertise in the field of data security we provide penetration testing, IT audits, internal & external vulnerability assessment solutions.
  • Control Business Data
    enterprise data control
    With our enterprise data control solution and monitoring solutions you can easily control your organization. Our enterprise risk mitigation and prevention solution can help you control your people, process and technology. This solution also includes enterprise wide monitoring solutions and data destruction solutions.

  • Mobile Security
    mobile security
    Our mobile security solution covers all aspects of mobile security. Our solution not only focuses on security of mobile devices but it also covers risk assessment of mobile applications. The solution is based on industry standards mobile security frameworks across different mobile platforms like ios, android, windows etc.

With research centers in Mexico, USA and India to provide information security solutions like penetration testing and computer security courses around the world, International Institute of cyber security is doing research in different areas of technology. Our experts have masters degrees and certifications in computer security to provide online courses and information security audit services.

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