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Information security services & solutions are some of the most interesting and fastest growing areas of technology. This trend has grown rapidly due to the need for companies to prevent cyber security attack incidents and having to comply with increasingly stringent standards & laws on personal data protection and enterprise information security. What exactly does an information security company do? The information security services consultants search vulnerabilities in IT systems using resources and techniques such as IT security audit very similar to those used by cybercriminals (exploits, vulnerabilities, etc.), identifying the possible attack vectors present in a company’s IT network and implementing the appropriate measures to prevent these attacks and strengthen the company’s security with the help of information security services & solutions. As part of the information security services, they also analyze all the possible ways in which a hacker could trick a normal user into getting his/her passwords or serve as an access point to the IT network.

It is a rewarding and well-remunerated business for information security companies. To provide information security services requires advanced planning and communication capabilities, in addition information security audit companies must know to what extent they can infiltrate a IT network to find vulnerabilities without violating any security policy during a IT security audit. Research, documentation and analysis are part of the information security services.

What a client expects from information security services company is that its research could be used to improve processes and protocols for the prevention, management, containment and recovery from a cyber attacks, vulnerability analysis and updation of information security policies according to current market trends.

We are a cyber security organization of professionals with certifications, master's degrees and enterprise experience in cyber security services. Our objective is to provide cyber security services and solutions such as information security audit, internal-external IT security audit, risk & vulnerabilities assessment, pentesting services. International Institute of Cyber Security is working in field of cyber security for many years. Our foundation is cyber security and our vision is do research in information security domain to help our customers in today’s technology-driven business environment. We have worked with many governments and private organizations to provide information security services. Our services and solutions are flexible and responsive to the changing needs of business.

Our teams of experts are working in different domains of information security services. Each expert of IICyberSecurity has industry level certifications and experience. Our teams are constantly evolving with our research program, training, services and innovative security solutions.

We offer following information security services:

  • Personal data Security
    personal data security
    We offer personalized information security services & solutions for your personal security and safety concerns. With our solutions you can protect personal information from hackers. Our solutions are designed to work with your physical level security at a strategic defensive level. Important people and high-ranking officers use our personal information security services & solutions. Recent data breaches have affected millions of people & companies around the world. Regardless of whether such data breaches are indeed unintentional or malicious, the impact of data loss causes great harm to the reputation of the company affected and the people who loose their personal data. Information security services keep your personal information safe without disrupting the user experience. These information security services consist of securing yours & your family personal information by inspecting data, applying controls to prevent leakage, implementing information security solutions and guarding against malicious content.
  • Infrastructure Security
    network security
    Information security audit is a complete assessment of a company’s security and is the integral part of information security services. Information security audit includes the following: audit of the business structure, processes, audit of technical security (vulnerability assessment & penetration testing), IT security audit against social engineering attacks and audit of outsourcing processes. Information security audit allows you to assess the level of maturity of your company’s technical and non-technical processes. At the end of information security audit, client is presented with a report on the present level of information security in the company according to the identified risks, as well as realistic recommendations, comprehensible to both management and technical authorities. Cyber security services & solutions cover IT security audit, internal-external vulnerability evaluation to ensure infrastructure and network security. Our network security solution not just delivers detail level cyber security analysis of your network infrastructure, however more focus is on mitigation plan of network security risks. With information security audit you can categorize and evaluate the risks to IT systems and implement a risk mitigation strategy.
  • Web Application Security
    web application security
    Years of research done by cyber security service providers have shown that websites and web applications continue to be one of the most common causes of data breaches against companies. According to cyber security service experts there has been a substantial increase in sustained and targeted attacks against websites. Web application security testing is a part of cyber security services. These services help you to identify flaws that are present in the underlying code, which may result in exploitable vulnerabilities. We deliver in-depth web application penetration testing (WAPT) with patented methodology (IARR) to Identify, Analyze, Report & Resolve vulnerabilities. Our methodology is process-based approach developed over the years to identify potential security risks in the application and ensure database security. Our methodology is focused on manual webapp exploitation techniques, which helps in vulnerability identification, exploitation and resolution strategy along with intensive source code auditing techniques. These information security services team have extensive experience in web application penetration testing and they not only helps you to identify the vulnerabilities but also helps you implement cyber security services.
  • Cloud Security
    cloud security
    With cloud security services we help create an ecosystem of multiple high performance secure clouds. Cloud security services help protect applications, private servers and shared servers in the cloud. We guarantee business sustainability and the acceleration in the performance of your infrastructure and applications in the cloud. Cyber security services help companies protect their cloud with a comprehensive and automated IT security solutions. Our cyber security services experts help you respond to cloud security concerns with a complete portfolio of cyber security services. We have the technical capability & experienced required to effectively manage your cloud security concerns, with cyber security services & solutions. With cloud security solution we work with your cloud service provider for ensuring cloud data security. Our solution follows industry standards like NIST, OWASP, and Cloud Security Alliance. The solution is focused on policies, technologies and controls deployed to protect your data, applications and infrastructure in the cloud.
  • Business Data Security
    enterprise data security
    With cybercrime becoming an increased threat to big and small enterprises, information security services are pivotal in the protection of confidential enterprise data. Our next generation enterprise data security solutions encompass all aspects of data protection from stopping data theft to safe data handling practices. It allows you to secure your data with multiple layers of security while maintaining complete management, monitoring and reporting. With the help of our information security services & solutions you get complete control over confidential data and other information assets. Protecting enterprise data from threats begins with securing enterprise network. Managing new security threats is a challenge, thus our experts keep up with the latest risks and provide flexible and manageable security solutions. With years of expertise in the field of cyber security we provide penetration testing, IT security audits, internal & external vulnerability assessment solutions.
  • Control Business Data
    enterprise data control
    Statistics from information security services providers show that surveillance help companies increase their employees productivity. When employees are being monitored or when employees think they may be monitored they tend to perform better. Business control software (BCS) solutions effectively help companies to achieve the goal of productive employees by doing employee monitoring. BCS is not only a employee monitoring software, it has capabilities of analyzing network traffic, policy violations, file copy monitoring (to and from external device, USB or mobile device), outlook & cloud email attachments policy violation, keyword monitoring, host based firewall solution to prevent unauthorized traffic, automatic data backup solution, ransomware protection and advance information security audit solutions. With the help of BCS your enterprise can protect from data theft, malware and increase employee productivity. With enterprise data control solution and monitoring solutions you can easily control your organization. Our enterprise risk mitigation and prevention solution can help you control your people, process and technology. This solution also includes enterprise wide monitoring solutions and data destruction solutions.
  • Mobile Security
    mobile security
    Our cyber security services & solutions cover all aspects of mobile security. The solution not only focuses on the security of mobile devices , but also covers the risk assessment of mobile applications . Mobile application penetration testing services offer complete protection for mobile devices. The solution is based on industry standards mobile security frameworks across different mobile platforms like ios, android, windows etc. If a company allows applications on personal mobile devices in a "bring your own device" (BYOD) program, on company’s mobile devices or develops mobile applications, we guarantee that the mobile application and the devices meet or exceed safety and operational standards. Our cyber security services team performs the IT security audit of vulnerabilities in mobile devices and applications thus allowing our customers to secure their devices and applications. Our methodology emulates the techniques and processes of a real world hacker. We follow a comprehensive approach to ensure that all mobile applications and devices are thoroughly examined. We specialize in protecting mobile applications and mobile devices from Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Blackberry platforms.
  • information security awareness
    security awareness
    Any enterprise can be the victim of a cyber attack. Usually, when an enterprise suffers data breach, the directors try to reinforce the weak points of their technological infrastructure, but they forget a key element: the employees. Statistics of cyber attacks show that more than 90% of cyber attacks originated due to human error. Information security is not the sole responsibility of information security professionals working in an enterprise; it is a shared responsibility, which requires efforts at all levels of enterprise. The best way for the leaders of companies, CEOs and managers to fight against these threats is to generate a culture of information security awarenessb> in their workplaces. Information security awareness refers to the propagation of knowledge and practices to protect the information with which an enterprise works. When cyber security awareness is properly imparted among employees, it helps each employee to understand what a cyber threat is, what are the risks related to it, how it can impact the enterprise and how to prevent those risk and protect enterprise and personal data.

With research centers in India, Mexico and USA to provide information security services like penetration testing &information security courses around the world, International Institute of Cyber Security is doing research in different areas of technology. Our team is well-qualified experts with master degrees and certifications in cyber security to deliver services like information security audit. We have a partner program that recognizes the effort and investment of strategic allies, offering information security services, solutions, online courses, and classroom courses to achieve sustainable and mutually beneficial business. Our partners / partners program is available in Australia, UK, Dubai, Sri-Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Nigeria, Kenya & South Africa.

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