International Institute of Cyber Security is a pioneer in the field of Cyber Security. We are the leader in designing, implementing and providing Information Security solutions & classes trainings for professionals, individuals and corporate world.

Our extensive and varied experience allows us to deliver a wide range of cyber security trainings and solutions for professionals and corporate preparing them for the heightened challenges of IT security industry. Through solutions and training excellence combined with outstanding value we have established ourselves as a primary Information Security Solutions & Training Institute throughout the industry. The knowledge we provide is cutting edge and updated with even the most recent developments in information security.

International Institute of Cyber Security provides following Cyber Security trainings:

  • brainstorming ethical hack brainstorming
    ethical hack
    Our Ethical Hacking course covers all aspects of the courses in the field of information security. It has been designed by experts and goes far beyond the usual courses that talk about the same old port scanning and vulnerability assessments. Training goes deep down into the depths of networking, systems, web applications, actual exploitation and hacking.
  • cloud security excellence
    cloud security
    There is a lot of hype and uncertainty around cloud security, but this course will slice through the hyperbole and provide you with the practical knowledge you need to understand the real cloud security issues and solutions. Training focuses on cloud security’s best practices taking reference from industry standards like Cloud Security Alliance and covers solutions for different cloud platform providers in the market.
  • design & reverse engineer malware & exploits design & reverse engineer
    malware & exploits
    In this course you learn everything about malware, virus, worms, coding/reverse engineering of malwares & exploit programming. You also learn the techniques for protection and analysis of malwares. Training focuses on methodologies of exploiting vulnerabilities, Anti-Virus Analysis/coding, Anti-Malware, Ransomware & Anti-Virus Evasion techniques.
  • Mobile security hack BYOD convergence
    mobile security
    This course you learn all aspects of mobile security. Training covers vulnerabilities and related security breaches of the smartphone security framework and of 3rd party applications. Course focuses on rooting, jailbreaking, security frameworks, finding vulnerabilities at OS & application level, mobile penetration testing, BYOD solutions across different mobile platforms.
  • search digital forensic search
    digital forensic
    In this course you learn crime scene investigation, procedures and evidence handling, tracing the crime source, analysis of digital evidence & you practice with number of investigative scenarios. During the training you learn the concepts of digital forensics and incident response as well as gain valuable hands-on experience with the same types of evidence and situations you will see in real-world investigations.
International Institute of Cyber Security is a committed and well-recognized provider of solutions and trainings in the field of Information Security. Our emphasis is on hands-on practical solutions and trainings that definitely give our clients and students an edge to grow rapidly and advance professionally in their respective career(s) & businesses.

Our experts have been providing solutions & trainings to professionals from various companies for over 8 years now. The essential elements of our courses and security servicies are:
Our workshops include a very heavy emphasis on hands-on practice. Every subject covered, ends with a hands-on exercise.
Our trainers will give you the complete knowledge they possess in terms of tools, techniques, and resources.
Our experts have tremendous grasp of the technical details of the security of various technologies. We keep ourselves abreast of the latest developments and are always on the cutting-edge of security.

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Our Global Program of Information security courses consists of classroom and online training classes. The objective of the program is to provide accessible training to professionals and students around the world.

IICybersecurity offers following services related to Information Security and Cyber Security. Contact us more information.
  • Personal data Security .

    Personal Security We offer solutions for personal security along with physical security solutions.

  • Infrastructure Security .

    Network Security We give infrastructure and network security solutions for companies.

  • Cloud Security .

    Cloud Security We provide customized cloud security solutions.

  • Business Data Security .

    Data Security We offer solutions for securing you personal and business data.

  • Control your Business Data .

    Control your Business Data We have solutions to help you to control you business and its data.

  • Mobile Security .

    Mobile Security We offer solutions for applications and mobile security.

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